Background: PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Bantul is a type C hospital with 133 bed capacities. Bed Occcupation Rate during the last 5 years is about 57% – 67%. It is a private hospital with operational cost supported entirely from revenue obtained from patiens.

Method: The study used observasional and survey method with cross sectional approach. Population consisted of all in patients. There are 120 respondent. Analyses test using linier regression.

Result and Discussion: The result of study showed correlation coefficient as much as 0,755. This meant that marketing mix (X) had very significant relationship whit patient loyality (Y). Regresion equivalent showed

Y= -0,285-0,020X1+0,017X2+0,024X3+0,100X4+0,065X5+0,096X6+0,315X7.

Whereas determinant coefficient (R2) 0,542. This implied that patient loyality simultaneously affected as much as 54,2% to patient loyality. Value of F calculation was 21,157, F significant was 0,000, reliability 95%. Marketing Mix factors that influence patient’s decision to reuse in patient service at Bantul Muhammadiyah PKU Hospital are building condition (4,347, p=0,000) and process (2,320, p=0,022). The other factors: product, price, place, promotion and people has not yet been influence  in patient loyality in-patient service in Bantul Muhammadiyah PKU Hospital, product (0,354, p=0,724), price (0,287, p=0,775), place (0,470,p=0,639), promotion (1,633, p=0,105), people (1,133,p=0,260).

Conclussion: Marketing Mix factors that influence patient’s decision to reused in patient service at Bantul Muhammadiyah PKU Hospital are the building condition and service process that has been given.


Keywords: Marketing Mix, Patient Loyalitas.


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